“The Chipmunk Song”


You know what I learned today?  It’s really hard to find a decent video of the original version of this song.  There’s lots of later versions (for various incarnations of televised Chipmunks, I assume), and some slowed down versions.  But finding a fun video that had the song I know and sing along with (in a very silly voice) was, frankly, impossible.

Okay.  It was probably possible.  I just got bored after a few minutes of searching.  I guess I’m kind of like Alvin in that regard.  I think Alvin is a bad little Chipmunk because he’s bored.  I bet if Santa would just bring him that darn hula hoop, he’d be able to amuse himself for hours.  Or at least fifteen minutes.

“Dave Seville” was actually a guy named Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.  He won two Grammy awards for his work as Dave and the Chipmunks–Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.  Bagdasarian did all the voices by manipulating the recording speeds.  It was really quite clever, and the result is one of the more enduring novelty songs ever recorded.

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