“Blue Christmas”


There’s been a number of excellent versions of this song.  Elvis’ is probably the most famous, and I’m personally quite fond of Leon Redbone’s recording.  But I think this one will always be my favorite.

While watching The Year Without a Santa Claus a week or so ago, this brought me to tears (kind of like it always does).  I’m a sucker for those dopey old Christmas cartoons, but my holidays really are a little blue this year.  The song made me think of the one thing (person) I want Santa to bring, even though I know it isn’t possible.

I’m a little emotionally fragile right now, although I’m mostly okay.  It’s just kind of hard to know what will set me off on one of my crying jags.  I’m waiting for the big meltdown, and I’m afraid it’ll hit on Christmas eve or day, when I’m celebrating with everyone.  It’ll just be family, and they already know what I’m like, so they’ll understand.  Probably.

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