“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”


Things got a little crazy yesterday.  Today is equally nuts, and tomorrow and the big day itself also promise to be busy.  But there’s always time for a little music.

I’ve got nothing to say about this song; it’s just one I happen to like that seemed to fit today’s news.

Because today the remaining two members of Russian Punk band Pussy Riot were released from prison.  It’s only a couple of months early, but at least these young women will be able to be with their families for Christmas.  Putting them in prison at all was a travesty.

Also today, I saw this heartwarming story about a former member of Santana who has been homeless for years being reunited with Carlos Santana.  Apparently, Marcus Malone has some royalties coming to him, and Santana seemed genuinely pleased to see his old friend.  My hope is that seeing this story will remind people that there are still homeless people year round.  The problem doesn’t go away with just one reunion.

But it’s a nice reunion.  And the freeing of political prisoners is good.  There is still much to be done, but we can be glad that these two good things have happened.  It is Christmas after all.


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