“Boxing Day”


Imagine my surprise when I do a Google search for “songs about boxing day” (exactly how I typed it), and I actually find a song called “Boxing Day.”

I’m not a huge Blink 182 fan, but I sometimes listen to them if they’re on the radio.  This was released about a year ago, and it’s fairly typical of their style, but somewhat more muted, more mature.  The band members grew up quite a bit during their hiatus.  (Travis Barker’s maturity was hard-won, surviving a terrible plane crash in 2008.)

I guess this kind of sad little Pop song is perfect for the day after Christmas.  Even though the decorations are still up, everything is a little more muted now.  There’s only a few presents I have to give to friends under the tree still, and lots of leftovers for dinner.  I haven’t plugged in the lights, although that’s mostly cause I’m giving them a bit of a break after leaving them on for 24 hours.  (You gotta have the lights on all night on Christmas Eve; Santa likes that.)  It’s just kind of quiet now.

I hope y’all had a lovely holiday yesterday.  I know I did.

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