“Shoot the Moon”


Still feeling a little blue.  I heard on the weather report that January 1st will be the New Moon, which seems auspicious to me.  I don’t know why.  A fresh start for the new year, a new cycle of waxing and waning to begin the calendar.

I love the moon.  A full moon is one of the most beautiful things in the world, but the moon is wonderful in any of its phases.  Even when it’s dark.  The light is cool and mysterious, so much gentler than the harsh fire of the afternoon sun.  There’s peace in watching the moon glow in the sky; it makes me content in way very little else can.



2 thoughts on ““Shoot the Moon”

  1. When you say the moon is beautiful in all of its phases — I think about x-mas eve when we drove on the highway to CT and there was a huge orange crescent moon hanging over head — gorgeous. Another great moon image is one I have from last October in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery where I do tours — it was a full moon in a clear starry sky. The tombstones on the hilly terrain shining in the moonlight were achingly beautiful. That was one of the most beautiful experiences I had this year, being in the cemetery that night.

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