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Freaky Friday: “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow”

Posted by purplemary54 on January 3, 2014

Just a little piece of advice for those of you in colder climes.

“Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” is actually a pretty cool song.  It showcases Frank Zappa’s ability to seamlessly fuse humor and musical genres.  There are elements of Funk, Jazz, and various Rock subgenres (psychedelia, doo-wop, etc.) weaving in and out of the various sections of the song, held together by the outrageous story of Nanook, the Fur Trapper, and the yellow snow.  Of course, it’s less of a story than an extended joke, but there’s technically a plot/series of semi-related vignettes–what you might get if Robert Altman had been a musician instead of a director.  It’s really much more entertaining than my description.

So stay inside and enjoy the song.  It’s too cold to even think about going outside in most of the country, anyway.


2 Responses to “Freaky Friday: “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow””

  1. dan4kent said

    Who ever thought you’d draw my attention with yellow snow (Hilarious!). So glad to see you again. I told you I’d be back with quarters for jukebox. Let the music play! Hope you’re good right now. Knowing you’re there has bettered me. Thanks Kiddo. Dan

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