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Phil Everly

Posted by purplemary54 on January 4, 2014

One of the greatest sounds in the known universe is the sound of the Everly Brothers singing in harmony.

I’ve written about the magic that is their voices together before.  Whatever their differences, they made music together that seemed effortless–although I suspect it had as much to do with copious practice and rehearsal as it did with genetic luck.  Their twinned voices brought such joy to so many people, myself included.  But their troubles with substance abuse and their incompatible personalities broke up the professional duo, and estranged them from each other for many years.

Half of the voice of the Everly’s is gone.  Younger brother Phil passed away yesterday at 74.  I can’t even imagine what Don is feeling right now, but I hope he can look at clips like this and remember how much he and his brother gave to music.  I hope those memories are enough.


2 Responses to “Phil Everly”

  1. A lovely tribute to Phil who had such amazing talent.

    • Thanks! Don said he was listening to one of his favorite songs written by Phil just before he learned of his brother’s death, so he felt that was Phil’s “spiritual” goodbye.

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