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“Ordinary Love”

Posted by purplemary54 on January 13, 2014

The Golden Globes were interesting.  Kate Beckinsale got my vote for Best Dressed.  There were a lot of awkward silences and stilted speeches, which tells me those people really didn’t expect to win, or everyone was more hammered than usual (the Golden Globes are the only awards show that features an open bar).  And it reminded me that I need to get out and see some movies.

Best Song in a Motion Picture was won by U2, for their song from Mandela, “Ordinary Love.”  It’s a decent, if unremarkable U2 song.  Listenable, but not really outstanding.  But it was fun to watch the guys get up on stage and speak.  (I swear Larry Mullen, Jr. must have a portrait in the attic, because he’s looked pretty much the same for the last 20 years or so.)

Everyone talks about how the Golden Globes are the best awards show, but there’s nothing to it but giving awards and drunk celebrities.  I miss the old days when they at least played the song nominees, or had an “In Memorium” montage.  Since awards shows are billed as a celebration of what makes [insert form of entertainment here] great, then there should be some kind of celebrating, dammit.  Give out awards, sure.  But let the winners speak for a few more seconds before drowning them out with music.  Play a song or two.  (They could make room for music by getting rid of the gratuitous introductions/clips of each Best Film nominee)  One thing I like about the Oscars is that they haven’t completely done away with the interstitial bits between awards, at least not yet.  Have a little bit of fun, fer cryin’ out loud.

Although an open bar at all the awards shows would go a long way to making them all more interesting.


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