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You Gotta Have Hope

Posted by purplemary54 on January 19, 2014

My beloved 49ers lost to stinkin’ Seattle today.  So not only are they not going to the Super Bowl again, but I have to root for the stinkin’ Denver Broncos.  Because there’s no way I’m rooting for any team Pete Carroll coaches.  *sigh*

There was no rending of clothes, but there was a little bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth (if eating dinner counts as gnashing).  Luckily, it’s just football, and I can dismiss it pretty easily.  I was mad for a few minutes, and I’ll probably avoid virtually all of the hype leading up to the game, but I’m over it.  There’s always next season (link is for my all-time favorite Super Bowl commercial).

Besides, just when it felt like all was lost, I saw this on my homepage.  If I were having doubts about it, this would help confirm the existence of a higher power.  (Please, oh please, any god that will listen to me: Make all horrible reality TV “stars” disappear into obscurity.)

You gotta have hope.


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