Today’s Music News


I found today to be quite an interesting day.

Bruce Springsteen’s son has become a firefighter, which is totally awesome.  And they’re releasing a DVD of one of the best concerts ever, a Bob Dylan tribute that Columbia Records put together for his 30th anniversary as a recording artist.  The lineup is an unbelievable who’s who of the best the music industry had to offer at the time.  It’s not the complete 3-hour extravaganza–which I watched on pay-per-view with the BFF–but they’re hitting most of the highlights, including this jaw-dropping version of “Masters of War.”

There was sad news, too.  Toni Tennille and Daryl Dragon, aka The Captain and Tennille, are getting divorced.  I’m beginning to believe there’s no such thing as forever love, at least not in show business.  This is one of those couples that I thought would stay together, just because it had already been so long (39 years).

I don’t like it when things like this happen, because it feeds my cynicism about romance/marriage.  I might not be in the market for a relationship myself, but I really do believe in true love.  When a popular entertainment couple who seemingly defied the odds breaks up, it makes me think that love can’t survive.  If anyone wants to restore my faith, please do.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Music News

  1. That is so cool Bruce Springsteen’s son’s becoming a fire fighter! Yes, I posted on fb about The Captain and Tennile, “Oh damn.” A friend posted on the subject, “Don’t mess with my childhood.” That song is etched in my psyche and will be playing on a loop in my head on my death bed.

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