Pete Seeger


Musician.  Singer.  Songwriter.  Activist.  Environmentalist.  Communist.  Mentor.  Father.  Husband.  Grandfather.  Friend.

They’re just labels, words that don’t mean anything without thoughts, beliefs, and actions.  They were all applied to Pete Seeger at one point or another.  He didn’t pay any attention to labels; he just lived his life the best way he could.

That life is over, after 94 wonderful years.

I’ll always remember him as someone who used his talent for more than just entertaining people, although he did that often and well. He used his music to fight for what he believed in, to help people without a voice or power in society.  He was a kind man, a good man.  He had integrity.

I think I’ll always remember him the way he is in this clip, from a concert with Arlo Guthrie that I watched on PBS as a kid.  A man on a stage, singing a song with love and conviction.

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