“Monday Morning”


Yes, I’m aware that it’s no longer morning.  But this is one of my favorite monday songs.

It was a pretty uneventful day, really.  I tidied up a little, puttered around some.  But mostly I just did nothing.  I won’t get that opportunity much else this week.  I’ve got tentative plans with friends, and the cleaning ladies come tomorrow (and I might do some cleaning in the garage).  Oh, and I have to start tutoring again on Wednesday.  My life isn’t a whirlwind, but obligations do tend to eat up quite a bit of time.

I also chose this song because I’ve got Fleetwood Mac on my mind lately.  It was announced a few weeks ago that bassist John McVie has cancer, although his treatment seems to be going well (Stevie Nicks is certainly optimistic).  There was also word that Christine McVie was considering rejoining the band.  She played a couple shows in England with them, and was waiting to see if they asked her back.  I don’t know how related these bits of news are, but the timing is interesting.  These people have such weirdly entwined lives.

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