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Freaky Friday: The Theremin

Posted by purplemary54 on February 7, 2014

If ever there was an instrument made for freaky music, it’s the theremin.  It was created by a Leon Theremin, and had originally been part of a Russian program to create proximity sensors.  The instrument is played by the musician moving his/her hands near and around two antennas, creating different tones and sounds by changing position and type of movement (see a demonstration by Theremin himself here).  It seems a little like something from outer space, which would explain its popularity on the soundtracks for Science Fiction and Horror movies.

Of course, a theremin can make just about anything sound a little creepy.  It’s an insanely interesting instrument, and has been used by Rock musicians like Led Zeppelin and Hawkwind to add an extra dimension to their sound.

Why am I going on about the theremin?  Well, aside from its inherent freakiness, I found out while reading Dangerous Minds that you can play a pretend theremin on your computer.  Unless you’re me, of course; my browser is out of date, and therefore incompatible with the simulator.  But I highly recommend giving it a shot.  Visit here to try your hand at creating cool sci-fi music.  I’m going to as soon as I update my browser.


One Response to “Freaky Friday: The Theremin”

  1. Very cool! I’m gonna send that link to my kids. Thanks for sharing!

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