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Shirley Temple Black

Posted by purplemary54 on February 11, 2014

Former child star and U.S. ambassador Shirley Temple Black has passed away at 85.

I was never really a fan of Shirley Temple (although I liked the drink named after her).  She was a little too treacly and sweet for me.  But considering what was going on when she burst onto the scene like a ray of sunshine, treacly and sweet were probably just what the American public needed.

I like to think this song is a pretty accurate reflection of Temple Black’s life after she retired from acting.  She went on to a second career as a diplomat and political fundraiser.  I heard this morning that she once said her proudest achievements were as a wife, mother, and grandmother.  I might not have been a fan of her movies or her politics, but she was a decent person.  And her example of how a child star could survive and overcome the monstrous machine of the entertainment world is something we could use a little more of today.


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