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“Cuts Like a Knife”

Posted by purplemary54 on February 12, 2014

BFF, Mr. BFF, and I were talking about perfect songs for some reason on Sunday (we got together for dinner and belated celebrations), and this song came on the radio.

Talk about your perfect songs.  Whether you like Bryan Adams at all or not (he’s not one of my all-time faves, but I’m fond of several of his songs), you have to admit that there is nothing wrong with this song.  It’s one of those perfect Pop/Rock songs.  It was the first song most Americans ever heard by Adams; he’d already released two albums in his native Canada, but hadn’t broken through here yet.  I think it’s the best song he’s ever done.

The video is weird, but it works.  And, frankly, it was pretty high concept for 1983, when people were just beginning to realize the narrative power of music videos.  I’ve always liked the end when she jumps in the pool, coming back on camera dripping from her dive.  There’s a narrative disconnect that intrigues me (although I didn’t understand terms like “narrative disconnect” when I was a teenager).

That’s really about all I’ve got to say.  My mind is a little mushy today, honestly.  I’ll try to do better tomorrow.



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