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Review: You Should Be So Lucky

Posted by purplemary54 on February 23, 2014

Heartbreakers pianist/keyboardist/mad scientist Benmont Tench has released his first solo album, and it is awesome.  I feel it’s necessary to note that my opinion has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I have a raging crush on Benmont.  I actually expected the music to be kind of underwhelming, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far.  I’ll admit I haven’t listened to every second of every track yet, but the songs I have listened to are just as terrific as anything he’s done for Tom Petty and the multitude of other artists he’s worked with.

Besides being one of the founding members of the tightest band in Rock & Roll, Tench is a wonderful songwriter in his own right.  His specialty seems to be heartbreaking love songs; “Why Don’t You Quit Leavin’ Me Alone?” is an example of that.  (I would’ve used that as the sample song–it’s my favorite so far–but no one’s posted his version yet (although there is a fine Roseanne Cash version here). This disc shows more range than that, however.  It’s jazzy and loose, filled with his trademark piano style.

Tench’s voice is quiet, but not thin and reedy; it almost seems as if he’s whispering, which makes these songs seem more personal and intimate.  He actually reminds me of both Randy Newman and the late great Warren Zevon.  It’s sardonic and self-deprecating, with just a touch of gentle sadness underneath.  Overall, the album feels comfortable and warm.  I highly recommend it You Should Be So Lucky to anyone.


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