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My Musical Oscar Picks

Posted by purplemary54 on March 2, 2014

Well, I ended up getting one of these right.  So, if I were a baseball player, I’d be batting .500 and having an awesome year.


I try to give all the  Oscar song and score nominees at least a listen, even if it’s just the samples on itunes.  I heard U2’s “Ordinary Love” after the Golden Globes, and while it was serviceable, it really isn’t the best song nominated.  At best, it’s third behind Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” and what I think is going to win.

I must say I’m a little tired of Disney songs winning almost every time one gets nominated, but this really is the best of the batch.  It fits the movie, the character, and it’s excellent musically.  (There’s the added benefit of being kind of empowering for girls, something I always advocate.)

My pick for Best Original Score is Disney related, too.  And like “Let It Go,” it was pretty easy to choose the soundtrack from Saving Mr. Banks.  Compared to the scores for Gravity and Her, it’s lively and interesting.  And unlike Philomena and The Book Thief, it’s not burdened by too much tradition.  It’s the one score that seemed like something I’d be willing to listen to while not watching the movie.

That’s what I think should win; we’ll see if I’m right in a couple of hours.


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