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Posted by purplemary54 on April 8, 2014

Another thing that happened on my hiatus was that the Supreme Court declared 5-4 that money is free speech.

Okay.  That’s not exactly what the ruling was.  But near enough.  Basically, the ruling said that limits on how much someone can contribute to political campaigns impinges on that someone’s First Amendment rights to free speech.  Remember, this is the same Supreme Court that declared corporations have their own free speech rights, in addition to that of individual citizens.

In other words, money talks.

If you have billions of dollars at your disposal and are the CEO of a large corporation, then you have more free speech rights than your employees.  Because you are rich and run a corporation.  Which has its own free speech rights.  If you can afford to buy the favor of  give millions of dollars to a politician, then s/he will supposedly listen to you more than the hundreds of thousands of other voters who either voted for or contributed smaller amounts to that politician.  Because you are rich.  According to this current SCOTUS, rich people have more rights than the rest of us simply because they have more money.

Fuck you, SCOTUS.

Granted, the limits on how much an individual person can contribute to any one individual politician are still in place.  The new free spending rules apply to political action committees and other fundraising organizations.  But c’mon, who really pays for most of the campaigning done in elections these days.  Even though individual candidates spend astronomical sums of money, the real dollars come from these other groups.  You know, the ones run by freaks like Karl Rove that get all their money from lunatics like the Koch brothers.

Money talks.  And democracy takes a long walk off a short pier.

Political and financial corruption is already out of control.  Did the Supreme Court really need to make it that much worse?  We need more control over campaign spending, not less.  We need to make it harder for Congress to have corporate sponsors like they do in NASCAR (or we at least need to make Congress wear patches saying who owns them like drivers).  I hate that actual participation in politics, already at disgusting lows, is going to get even more difficult because our votes don’t mean as much because we aren’t rich.  Never mind voter ID laws and gerrymandering; people just can’t afford being active citizens anymore.

So here’s a call to anyone who might still care out there: Fight this.  Pay attention to who’s paying for your political representatives.  Educate yourself about the issues.  Vote.  Don’t let these bastards win.


4 Responses to ““Moneytalks””

  1. I agree with that you are saying here. I wrote about the same thin yesterday. Maybe we are tuned into the same source telepathically

  2. MD said

    Voting is and always has been just about as useful as the bumper sticker on your car. Just saying… If you are inclined to vote, national politics aren’t even worth considering. The president doesn’t matter nor does the Supreme Court. Keep it local, keep it simple. As for the rich controlling this country? What else is new? If you want to be an “active citizen”, the polls are not the proper venue. Community is the answer.

    • But the nation is part of your community. Attitudes like yours are part of the problem. If you cede the national stage to the corporations and lobbyists, you’re literally selling out your country. Yes, the rich have always held more power than the rest of us. But if enough people take part in their government–municipal, state, national–then the power of money gets diluted. Voting is never useless or futile. The only wasted vote is the one you don’t cast.

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