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“Loose Ends”

Posted by purplemary54 on April 21, 2014

Quickie tonight.  Jeopardy! is on in a few minutes.

Much of this weekend was taken up with putting my CD collection back in order (and purging a few discs that I just don’t want anymore).  I had the contractors put up the shelves in the office closet so that it’s no longer a closet.  It’s now . . . the CD Nerd Cave!

I’m not an audiophile in any sense.  I have some vinyl, and a few cassettes left over from my teenage years.  There’s no storage issues with my digital copies.  But since I had the house re-done, I haven’t had access to my CDs (except for the few on top of the piles).  Now, I have shelves to put them on, along with my pretty big collection of box sets.  I’m so happy I could just spit.  (Okay, not really.  But I did go in the cave after everything was up and smile.  A lot.  And I touched all of them again.)

One thing that did surprise me was that I only have enough individual discs to cover just under two-thirds of the shelves.  Which leaves me a little more than a third to fill up.  (And I’ve still got a gift card to Fingerprints to use up.)  I also had the fun of listening to some of the discs I hadn’t pulled out in years (if ever) to see if I still wanted them in my collection.  About twenty got purged, but I kept more than I thought I would.

A pleasant surprise was the one and only album by Bash & Pop, one of Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson’s post-Mats projects.  I’d only listened to it once after I bought it, and then I was pretty disappointed that it wasn’t a Replacements album.  I gave it a listen fully expecting to put it in the purge pile, but it turned out to be a fun, tuneful disc.  Stinson isn’t the wordsmith Paul Westerberg is, but he’s got a good feel for hooks.  I especially liked this track.  It’s loose and relaxed, and I’m not sorry I paid money for this album at all.



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