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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Posted by purplemary54 on May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo has essentially become yet another excuse to get drunk and act stupid.  I’m not gonna get drunk.  I might act stupid, but that’s always a possibility.  But I am gonna listen to some awesome music.

This song doesn’t have any special association with Cinco de Mayo that I know of; I’m just rather fond of it.  The holiday itself is often terribly misunderstood.  Many people seem to believe that this is Mexican Independence day (it’s not), although it is used as a celebration of freedom.  The battle commemorated by today was in the state of Puebla; the Mexican army won an unexpected victory over occupying French forces, and it represented a huge moral boost for Mexican freedom in the chaotic years after that country’s civil wars.  (I’m not an expert about Mexican history, but I know the country was a mess for a long time after independence.  It wasn’t until fairly recently I even knew the French occupied the country at all.)  The victory represented the final time a European country attempted to invade a country in the Americas.

That’s reason enough to celebrate for me.  Party responsibly, though, folks.  If you drink tequila, remember that it’s strong stuff.


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