“Cruel Summer”


The calendar says it won’t be summer for several more weeks, but SoCal is burning up–literally and figuratively.  There’s some pretty nasty fire action going on in Carlsbad, and Weather Underground says it’s about 102 degrees in my area (great site for weather, btw).  It’s just gross out there.

If this is what the summer’s going to be like, then I might be moving to Alaska.  There’s an old wives tale that if you have a mild winter, you’ll have a bad summer (and vice versa); last winter was so mild it was practically white bread and mayonnaise. I am not looking forward to the next three or four months.


4 thoughts on ““Cruel Summer”

  1. My friend in Orange County said that this has been the worst he has seen it since he moved there 22 years ago. It’s a balmy 58 degrees in Minnesota today

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