“Working for the Weekend”


So I may be working this weekend, depending on how much work I get done tomorrow.

My aunt called last night.  She works for the same company as her brother (my uncle) . . . as does my nephew and sister-in-law.  They’ve got a special project that needs doing by Monday, and she asked if I wanted to help out for a few days.  I’ll take any extra money I can get, so I said yes.  At least it’s air-conditioned.

Really, it’s not a “special” project.  They’re having an audit or inspection or something, and there’s some filing that needs to be caught up on.  A lot of filing.  So I’m helping, and when my aunt is done with her regular job, she comes over and helps out, too.  We made a significant dent in it today, and I’m hoping to actually finish the project by Saturday.  So I guess I’d only be working half the weekend if that happened.

What I’m really hoping is that I make a good impression on someone, and I get a shot at a full-time job someday.  That would be enormously helpful.

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