The Dahlmanns


I have exactly one word to describe the Dahlmanns: Awesome.

I was up late on Saturday night, listening to Little Steven’s Underground Garage.  He plays some great Rock music–deep cuts from famous names, songs from the almost famous, and retro sounds from newer artists.  The Dahlmanns are one of the newer artists, although you might not notice it at first.  Their sound is so pure, so perfectly styled, it’s easy to think you’re listening to a garage band from the mid-60s.

But I’m not sure there were that many garage bands playing perfect American Rock in Norway back then.  That’s about all I’ve got on the Dahlmanns so far, other than their music is some of the snappiest and best I’ve heard in a while.  I literally have trouble staying still when I’m listening to them (and you know I went to itunes as soon as I knew who they were and downloaded a few songs).  You just gotta dance.  The song I first heard was “He’s a Drag” (you can hear it on Spotify, if you have an account; I don’t), but I’ve loved everything else so far.

One of the most fun is their stellar cover of Lindsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road,” made famous by the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation (the funny first one where they drive to Wally World).  It’s loose and bright, but still manages to maintain some of Buckingham’s trademark weirdness.  Really, you won’t be disappointed with the Dahlmanns, so any song you pick will be great.


4 thoughts on “The Dahlmanns

  1. What a fantastic sound, once again you blow me away with a totally unknown band. I just got the Stypes album Snapshot based on the last one I heard on your blog.

    • I’m glad you liked them. 🙂 I sort of fell in love when I heard “He’s a Drag.” It had me looking around for the Underground Garage site to see if there was a playlist; there wasn’t, and I had to wait for a break in the music to hear Steven announce their name. And bravo on getting the Strypes album! As soon as I get some more money for itunes, it’s on my “buy immediately” list.

  2. popdetectiveMark

    Thanks for the good words on Pop Detective Records artist “The Dahlmanns”! Look for their music videos on Youtube for their tracks “Bright City Lights” and “Dumb Me Down”. Visit for more great indie pop / rock!!

    Pop Detective Records

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