“Anxiety (Get Nervous)”


I’m feeling just a tad stressed out right now.  Mom had cataract surgery yesterday (all went well, but she’s been a bit cranky).  I want to help her feel better, but there really isn’t that much I can do right now.  This morning, I noticed that I could smell gas inside my dryer when I took some laundry out.  This promptly freaked me out.  The guy from the Gas Company fixed it without much trouble (the connection wasn’t tight enough), but he decided to shut off my water heater because there weren’t “combustion vents” in the doors we had put up to conceal it.  So I had to call my contractor out to fix the problem.  Luckily, I do still have water and gas, just no hot water.  I called the Gas Co. a little bit ago to schedule an appointment for tomorrow to get the pilot light relit.  They’ll be here sometime between 7AM and 5PM.


I hate problems!  I hate change, too, but if it’s change I planned on, I can at least take steps to relieve my stress and anxiety.  I know my problems are tiny compared to so many others, but I really do kind of flip out.  I’m not quite ready for a straitjacket, and my hair isn’t standing on end.  Yet.  I just want the rest of the week to go quietly and smoothly.  Actually, I want the rest of my life to go quietly and smoothly, but I’ll settle for the week.


3 thoughts on ““Anxiety (Get Nervous)”

  1. I’ve determined that life is never as good as you think it is, or as bad as you think it is but generally somewhere in the middle. However the roller coaster of life tends to focus us on the ups and downs. I never signed up for the ride but somehow it just happens 😉

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