Casey Kasem


Legendary DJ Casey Kasem has passed away after a long illness and much family drama.  Like many people, I grew up listening to Kasem’s iconic countdown program, America’s Top Forty, on the radio.  He adapted his countdown to the video age by playing America’s Top Ten in syndication television.  Kasem’s countdown’s was a great introduction to popular music, and his voice made everything a little easier to listen to.

Of course, Casey Kasem was more than just a DJ to my generation.  He was an accomplished voice actor in a number of cartoons, including voicing Shaggy on the many incarnations of the beloved Scooby Doo cartoons.  (His final performance as Shaggy was in 2009’s Scooby Doo! and the Samurai Sword.)

Kasem seemed to be a man who held good values, although I don’t know much about him personally.  I used to see him and wife Jean Kasem on the entertainment news as “personalities” and “celebrities.”  It was sad to see all the family infighting over his declining health and medical care.  I hope his family can make some peace with each other, and find comfort in knowing that the man they all loved enough to go to court over is at rest.

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