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“Squeeze Box”

Posted by purplemary54 on June 17, 2014

Let’s see.  Finally caught up on Pop Culture Happy Hour?  Check.  Basketball and hockey finals over after about two months.  Check.  Laundry waiting to be put away?  Check.  Pigeons eating all the bird seed?  Check.  World going to hell in a handbasket?  Check and check!

In other words, things are just about normal around here.  I did find out last week that maybe I shouldn’t be quite so fastidious about paying the mortgage on time; it seems that if I pay the bill too early (read: within a couple of days of receiving it), they count it as an extra principle payment, not the regular monthly payment.  Apparently, the employees of my mortgage company have a little trouble reading the printed payment stub they sent that I always include with the check.  Don’t pay your bills too early, or it’ll confuse people.

It’s just one of the many absurdities of existence that we are confronted with on a daily basis.  I’m beginning to realize that it’s not so much that quality and customer service are extinct, or that there’s no kindness or decency left in the human race.  It’s just that no one has the ability to think past their check list or pre-planned script anymore.  If you move ahead a space or two on the chart–say, try unplugging your device and plugging it back in to reboot it before you call technical support–you confuse people.  They’re not stupid (not really, anyway); they just didn’t plan on you thinking for yourself.  No one plans on someone thinking for themselves anymore.  Follow the steps.  Follow them in the order they’re presented.  Failure to do so will upset the system.

I’m guilty of it myself.  I like things to be fairly linear, with clear instructions and whatnot.  You should’ve seen me struggling with papers in college.  I had to begin at the beginning and end at the end.  I couldn’t write the middle section until I had an introduction.  My brain didn’t work that way.  I get the need for a set of rules to follow; it makes life simpler when you don’t have to think critically or outside the box.  Improvisation is hard work.  We like it when someone gives us the answers ahead of time.

What does any of this have to do with the Who or their awesomely catchy song “Squeeze Box”?  Not a flipping thing.  I just figured we all needed something nice to listen to after realizing that our entire current culture is based almost entirely on not putting too much effort into anything.



2 Responses to ““Squeeze Box””

  1. 45spin said

    Another interesting post, I really relate to your thoughts about how people don’t seem to put much effort into anything. You are right and it drives me crazy as well.

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