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Gerry Goffin

Posted by purplemary54 on June 19, 2014

Gerry Goffin, one of the great songwriters of Pop, has passed away at 75.

He’s probably best known as Carole King’s first husband, but before Tapestry became a staple of virtually every record collection of the 70s, Goffin and King were songwriting partners in the Brill Building.  They wrote a number of hits for other acts, including “Pleasant Valley Sunday” for the Monkees.  Their first hit together was this breathless ode to teenage love.  “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” was originally recorded by the Shirelles, but I’ll always love Carole King’s slowed-down version.  It brings the innocence and desperation of the girl’s plea to her boyfriend to the forefront.  Tell me I’m not making a mistake, tell me there’s a future for us.  Tell me you’re not just another jerk.  “Tell me now, and I won’t ask again.  Will you still love me tomorrow?”

Goffin’s work will always be among the great classics of teen romance and Pop music.


One Response to “Gerry Goffin”

  1. 45spin said

    As I have always been a Pleasant Valley Sunday fan I will excuse the “Just Another Jerk” for men everywhere 🙂

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