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“No Myth”

Posted by purplemary54 on June 27, 2014

This immensely wonderful song just popped into my head today.  I think I heard something similar to the opening chords, and my brain immediately latched onto it.  But reasons don’t matter.  All that matters is the song.

Inevitably, I listen to this song at least three times every time it comes up on my itunes/iPod.  It’s impossible to turn this one off.  Romantic and yearning, literate and smart, “No Myth” is one of those awesome musical moments that stays magic decades after it was released (1989, in case anyone was curious).

Michael Penn is the brother of actor Sean Penn (and their less famous actor brother Chris), and he’s married to the extraordinary Aimee Mann.  And although he really hasn’t had a chart hit since “No Myth,” he continues to write and record music.  Most recently, Penn has been composing music for HBO’s Girls and Showtime’s Masters of Sex.  While I’m not familiar with that work, I’m sure it’s just as skilled and fluid as this song.

This is one of my favorite one-hit wonders.  What’s not to love about a song that contains the line “What if I were Romeo in black jeans?  What if I was Heathcliff, it’s no myth?”


2 Responses to ““No Myth””

  1. dan4kent said

    Hey there Camper! Had never ever heard this! “Someone to dance with” Isn’t that one of the purest forms of the holy trail there could be? There you go again…broadening my horizons again. Well done Sojourner. Dan

    • I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you’ve never heard this (it’s kind of a musical cult classic), but I am. I am, however, really glad I could introduce you to this irresistible tune. 🙂

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