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“Paris Sunrise #7/Lifeline”

Posted by purplemary54 on June 30, 2014

I don’t think Ben Harper gets enough credit for being as talented and versatile as he is.  I’m pretty sure this guy never met a genre he didn’t like.  Music just seems to flow from him like a river flows to the sea.  His latest album is a collaboration with his mom, which is unbelievably awesome.

This amazing piece of music is from the album Lifeline, an eclectic collection of love songs he recorded with his backing band the Innocent Criminals.  I first heard “Paris Sunrise #7” on NPR one morning (still a great place to discover music), and I was stunned speechless.  It’s paired on the album with the title track, which lends weight to both songs.  The light, airy feeling of a Paris sunrise combined with the quite desperation of a man trying to save . . . something.  It’s not clear what happened, but the relationship sounds like it’s in trouble.  (Harper was married to actress Laura Dern at the time, but they divorced a few years later.) The emotion and mood of both songs informs the other.  There’s joy and peace, sorrow and confusion, love and fear in equal measure.  It’s pure, and it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of music I could ever share.


2 Responses to ““Paris Sunrise #7/Lifeline””

  1. 45spin said

    A great song, and thanks for the plug about NPR, I have found some pretty amazing on there as well. However you never really know what the they will play next 😉

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