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“Burning Down the House”

Posted by purplemary54 on August 7, 2014

I haven’t quite gone so far as setting any fires, but I have been on a bit of a reorganizing spree in my house lately.

I can’t pinpoint where it started, but it’s been a couple of weeks now.  Cleaning out a cupboard here, moving a couple of boxes there.  I even went through the rag box and tossed the rags that weren’t even fit for dusting anymore–and I turned the box into a bag.  I bought some new bins to put stuff away in, although now I’m seeing how many more I’m probably going to need.  (I’m especially fond of the wheeled thing I got to keep birdseed in; it came with a scoop, and it’s made my life so much easier.  Of course so would not feeding the birds, but I’m a little afraid of the mini Alfred Hitchcock movie I’ve got going on in my backyard.)  There’s always just one more thing.  And as soon as you move one thing, you find ten more that need places to be.  The upside is that I’m weeding through and getting rid of some more stuff I don’t need (today it was some expired pantry items).  The downside is I’m not sure I can stop.

“Watch out.  You might get what you’re after.”  Truer words have never been spoken.  Unless it’s Murphy’s Law.  I spent nearly $250 getting the oven repaired last week when it wouldn’t get hot (the “ignition module” had fritzed out).  My list of stuff to do just keeps getting longer.  I don’t always finish a list, but the unfinished items do go directly onto the next list.  “Wash windows” has been on there for quite a while now.  I did get a small whiteboard that I might keep a running To Do list on, instead of constantly writing and rewriting new ones.  And some corkboard tiles.  I’m going to put them up on my new laundry room cabinet door, but I need to decide if it’s going to be whiteboard and cork, or just all cork (which would look awesome, but might not be as practical).  I’ve even gotten one of those dispensers you put plastic shopping bags into to make storing and reusing them easier; I hate those bags, but they’re great for cleaning out the litter boxes.

So as I move and rearrange the minutiae of my life, I find myself feeling both accomplished and frustrated.  I like getting something done, crossing an item off the list.  But there’s always more that needs doing.  Sometimes, the endless cycle makes burning down the house sound pretty reasonable.



2 Responses to ““Burning Down the House””

  1. Sandee said

    David Byrne has been a muse of mine recently — now it’s also Washington Irving, but I don’t think he has any songs out — hahaha! Good luck reorganizing!

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