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Repost: “Kind of a Girl”

Posted by purplemary54 on September 4, 2014

I’m not entirely sure why Joan Rivers makes me think of this song.  Her death today at 81 is a huge blow for comedy and entertainment.  I didn’t pay much attention to her these days, but back in the day, she was one of the masters of stand up.  She was sharp and smart.  A little like this song.

Power pop is awesome. Catchy, radio friendly hooks with just enough rock to keep it from being wimpy. And Tinted Windows was a power pop wet dream: A supergroup consisting of Hanson’s Taylor Hanson, James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins, Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne, and Cheap Trick’s legendary drummer Bun E. Carlos. They never did more than the one album, but it was one fine album.

This is the first track, and IMO the best track. It just crackles with energy and malicious glee. It’s a boy meets girl tune with the slight twist of girl ending up as an intolerable brat. The guitar work is solid without being too flashy, even during the solo, and Carlos’ drumming is, as usual, perfect.

I’ve probably got a little bit of a crush on Bun E. Carlos (real name: Brad M. Carlson) Not that he’s especially cute or charismatic or anything . . . or that he isn’t attractive. My crush has absolutely nothing to do with his looks or personality. I just love listening to and watching him play drums. He’s one of those drummers that seems not to be doing much of anything at first glance. He just sits there and taps the sticks against the drums. His kit doesn’t have a huge cymbal behind it, or triple digit drumheads. There’s no fire or rotating cages, no extended solos while the rest of the band goes off to have a smoke. He doesn’t sing, or even really talk. But he’s like a metronome or a click track (what drummers sometimes use in the studio to keep time). His strokes pop off the skins like whip cracks. Or bullets. He is surgically precise, with just enough frills to keep it interesting. He doesn’t overwhelm any other part of the song (crucial in a song like this; good power pop depends a lot on how everything is blended). He is my favorite kind of drummer. Yeah, I’ll always love the outrageousness and inventiveness of masters like Keith Moon and John Bonham, but if I were choosing a drummer for a band, I’d choose one like Bun E. Carlos.


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