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Posted by purplemary54 on September 8, 2014

This morning, when I saw the video of Ray Rice punching out his then-fiancee in an elevator, I wished his career would be finished.  (I won’t link to it, but here’s a news story that I think includes it.)  I wanted him to become a has-been selling cars somewhere.  Well, I got my wish a couple of hours later when the Baltimore Ravens terminated his contract and the NFL suspended him indefinitely.  It didn’t come with the crippling knee injury I hoped it would, but I’ll take it.

Now, I hope Janay Rice gets her proverbial shit together, takes their kid and as much of the money as she can get her hands on, and gets the hell away from him. Maybe he’s truly sorry and he’ll reform. I wouldn’t take that risk, and I hope she doesn’t either. She deserves better than that.  Her daughter deserves better than that.

There’s a growing chorus of people wondering why, if law enforcement and the prosecution in New Jersey had this video, why wasn’t he put on trial and in jail.  (He would’ve been if he hadn’t been an NFL star, I guarantee that.)  There’s a lot of people asking why the NFL and Baltimore Ravens hadn’t seen this video before.  (That’s what they claim, anyway.)    The fact is, they ought to have known. All of them. The NFL, the commissioner, everyone.  They should’ve been a little more aware of the hideousness of the act. I posted about this before, and I was a little more circumspect.  I’m not circumspect anymore.  I’m enraged (so I posted the angriest song by a woman I could think of).

I’m not like Keith Olbermann, who is calling for the resignation of the prosecutors, the judge, and every NFL/Ravens executive involved.  I don’t think a mass career suicide is necessary.  But I think this had better be a wake-up call for all of them to start taking incidents like this just a little more seriously.  (And a special note to my 49ers coaching staff and executives: Sit or cut Ray McDonald.  Now.  I don’t want to boycott you.)  And every single man who thinks it’s okay to hit a woman.  Newsflash, fellas: It’s not okay to hit a woman.  Chances are, you’re bigger and stronger.  Nothing she does or says, short of pulling a gun on you, justifies striking her.  (Although if women are pulling guns on you, you’ve already clearly done something to make them feel unsafe.)

I got my wish that Ray Rice’s career would be over.  Now I just wish domestic violence would finally end.


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