“Summer Breeze”


I’ll be honest: I kind of hate this song.  It’s one of those lite radio staples that makes my teeth itch.  But it’s also the perfect description for our weather right now.

The heat wave broke last night, with temperatures dropping below 78 before midnight for once.  Today’s been about normal–around 85 and sunny–and there’s this amazing breeze out of the west that has somewhat mitigated the higher humidity.  Because it is kind of sticky today.  My laminate floor feels vaguely damp under my feet, and just getting up to feed the cats makes me a little sweaty.  But after the last week, it’s heavenly.

Not much else happening on the home front today.  I rotated the cushions on the couch and loveseat (otherwise, the two or three that get sat on all the time get flat while all the others stay puffed (sorry for the inadvertent Ghostbusters reference . . . actually, no, I’m not sorry about it. 🙂 ).  I went online and applied for some jobs today, and I might take a look around the immediate area, and see if there’s any Mom & Pop retail places hiring.  (I’m not very happy in my job right now; I think I’ve hit my limit for tutoring in one lifetime.)

I’m also anxiously awaiting word on the Scottish vote for independence.  I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other; there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides.  I just think it’s refreshing that someone is voting to split from Great Britain, rather than going to war or being negotiated out as part of a treaty.  This is so much more civilized.  Either way, tomorrow’s post will have to be from someone Scottish.

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