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“London Calling”

Posted by purplemary54 on October 2, 2014

Pardon my pessimistic paranoia, but the news doesn’t leave much room for cheer and optimism these days.  We may not be sitting in a handbasket just yet, but I’m starting to wonder if some cosmic overlord just pulled one out of the closet.

Things are bad enough to warrant that fear.  Wars, crime, climate change, and corporate greed.  And the current Ebola plague has my inner hypochondriac on tenterhooks right now.  I’m this freakin’ close to outfitting myself in rubber gloves and a face mask every time I go outside.  That is, if I ever go outside again.

I don’t want to go out today, that’s for damn sure.  It’s hot, damn hot, outside.  (Thanks, catastrophic climate change!)  I should probably just turn off the news and keep reading my Superman book; I’m almost finished, so I’m going to have to find something else escapist to read soon.  Although, it’s not really that escapist.  Superman is sort of intrinsically entwined with American culture (with world culture, as well, but he remains almost purely American in ideology).  The changes in the character reflect the times.  But he’s always stood for an innate sense of justice and fairness, something I can get behind.  (I might like Batman more, but Superman means more to all of us.)  The way things are going these days, we could really use a rescue by Superman.


2 Responses to ““London Calling””

  1. Sandee said

    I googled to see the longest periods of ‘world peace’ — hahaha! I believe this is our ‘plight’ here on the planet — for some ‘godforsaken’ reason. ‘Cave men’ were throwing rocks and running from t-rex and scrambling to kill dinner and had no antibiotics to ward off putrid diseases — from there the comforts get better but the politics get more complex and people closer together and the hatreds start spreading.

    I do love me some Clash!

    • As long as there’s been more than one person on the planet, there’s been disagreement. But things just seem worse than usual. I think it’s a combination of stuff, and me watching too much news. I’ve rectified that in the last couple of days by reading the wonderfully witty Terry Pratchett.

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