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Paul Revere

Posted by purplemary54 on October 5, 2014

The leader of the classic 60s garage band Paul Revere and the Raiders has passed away peacefully at his home in Idaho.  Organist Paul Revere originally founded the band as an instrumental group, but that changed when he met singer Mark Lindsay, who joined the band in 1958.

Although they looked like refugees from a ballet (White tights and velvet military jackets?  Really?), the music is solid.  “Kicks” was one of their hits in the late 60s, and probably my favorite.  (I say probably because I just haven’t delved that deeply into their catalog, something I should correct.)  This was awesome Rock/Pop.  The songwriting was tight and concise, but they played with just enough fuzz and grunge to keep it from veering into white bread and mayonnaise territory.

Sadly, Paul Revere and the Raiders has slipped off the Classic/Oldies Rock radar.  While I don’t think the passing of Paul Revere will change that circumstance much, I hope a few more people will hear what is one of the better groups from the 60s.


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