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Posted by purplemary54 on October 21, 2014

Last week I sort of didn’t have anything to say.  I wish that were my problem this week.

Mom had a UTI that got out of control and turned into something a lot worse.  She’s at the hospital with some of the same problems she had last year, which has got me all kefuffled.  I worry so much, and I feel a little bit like I let her down.  Like I didn’t take good enough care of her.  I’m not blaming myself; she’s a grown woman who made her own choices.  I just wish I were blessed with the insight to know when to let her take care of herself, and when to nag her until she does what I want her to.

That’s why I’m probably going to be a little spotty in posting for the next little while.  I’ll be back, but I need to devote more energy to Mom.


6 Responses to “Sorry”

  1. Hi, I hope you’re mother rallies soon. Try not to be too hard on yourself. It’s just not easy to convince a parent or anyone else to go do stuff about illness. Fear underpins so much when it comes to looking for help from medics.

  2. 45spin said

    I hope everything is ok with your mom, the challenge with giving advice to parents is they will always look at us like a child regardless of how old we become 😉

  3. Sandee said

    I hope your mom recovers soon. Take care, Mary.

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