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December 8th

Posted by purplemary54 on December 8, 2014

Yesterday was the 73rd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Today is the 34th anniversary of the assassination of John Lennon.  It would be nice to report a sudden outbreak of peace, that we as a human race have realized that it’s ridiculous to keep fighting each other when it would be so much better if we just worked together.  That the memory of the senselessness of war and the stupidity of murder have made us realize that we need to stop killing each other.  But so many people seem to think violence is the answer.

There are protests erupting all over the country over the deaths of so many unarmed black men (and boys) at the hands of police.  Two hostages were executed during a failed rescue attempt over the weekend.  Wars and skirmishes continue to break out around the world: Russians against Ukrainians, terrorists against governments, police and protesters against each other, etc., etc., etc.  A plane crashed into a Maryland home today, killing three on the plane and three in the home.  An apartment building under construction went up in flames early this morning in Los Angeles.  No one was killed or injured, thank goodness, but the destruction is jaw-dropping–and the fire is suspicious.  All we need now is a horrific school shooting and massive natural disaster to complete the cycle of misery.

I didn’t plan on sounding quite so gloomy today, but sometimes the ability of humans to be cruel and stupid stuns me.  It’s all just so pointless.

I’ve posted this song a number of times before, but it’s still the most appropriate one I can think of for today.  Imagine the world is a better place.  Imagine that you are a better person.  Make peace happen, one human being at a time.


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