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“Please Come Home for Christmas”

Posted by purplemary54 on December 15, 2014

I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of contractual clause that requires artists to, at some point in their careers, record at least one Christmas song.  Some of them seem to get by with recording a song for one of the Very Special Christmas charity compilations.  Some go all in and make an entire album (but I still don’t know what Bob Dylan was thinking).  The Eagles just did one single, but it was a pretty good one.

“Please Come Home for Christmas” was cowritten by and originally recorded by bluesman Charlie Brown in the 60s.  It quickly became a holiday staple.  The Eagles version was recorded in 1978, and was their first to feature bassist Timothy B. Schmidt, the one member of the band no one else in the band hates.

I find it kind of interesting how sad so many Christmas songs are.  It’s not really surprising, considering how the holidays can be quite depressing for some people.  Many people are missing loved ones, missing home, or just alone, and so many songs that play on the themes of loneliness and melancholy are popular.  It’s really kind of a dark time of year.  But if you’re gonna be sad, you might as well have some sad music to listen to.


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