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Unexpected News

Posted by purplemary54 on December 17, 2014

I’m breaking from my Christmas music to celebrate today’s surprise announcement from President Obama that the United States has begun the process of normalizing relations with Cuba.  The first step was taken with a prisoner exchange of three Cuban intelligence officers for an American intelligence agent and a civilian contractor.

I’ve long believed that it was time to end the embargo and reconnect with this island nation.  Although the Castro regime is still pretty awful, there have been recent steps made to open up more economic and religious freedom in Cuba.  There’s still a long way to go toward freedom for Cuban citizens, but I think things are going in the right direction.  Besides, we’ve been at this for decades and nothing has really changed.  We’ve long since normalized relations with Vietnam, and China basically owns the U.S. now, so we can’t really justify treating Cuba and its citizens like pariahs.

In spite of what morons politicians like Marco Rubio are saying, this is the right thing to do.  In honor of Obama’s welcome announcement, here’s a track from the Buena Vista Social Club, a group of Cuban Musicians that Ry Cooder helped bring together and recorded with in the 1990s.


2 Responses to “Unexpected News”

  1. Listening to Ruben Gonzalez this week to mark the occasion!

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