“Hard Candy Christmas”


Back to our regularly scheduled holiday programming . . .

I’ve bumped into The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas on TV a couple of times recently.  It’s not a musical I especially enjoy, but it does have a few good songs sung by the wonderful Dolly Parton.  My favorite has always been “Hard Candy Christmas,” which I don’t think was ever meant as a Christmas song.  But it does dovetail nicely into what’s rapidly becoming the theme of melancholy Christmas songs.  Who knew this is where I’d end up.

I suppose I should’ve seen this pattern coming, though.  I’ve been a little blue around the holidays since Dad died.  Even though he was kind of Scrooge-like about things like decorations, he loved to spend time with people.  He tried to call relatives and friends he couldn’t see to wish them happy holidays.  My father genuinely liked people for the most part.  Like Grammy used to say, he never met a stranger.

But even though this song is sad, there’s a hopefulness to it.  Things might be tough right now, but it’ll change soon.  “I’ll be fine and dandy.  Lord, it’s like a hard candy Christmas.  I’m barely getting through tomorrow, but still I won’t let sorrow bring me way down.”

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