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Joe Cocker

Posted by purplemary54 on December 22, 2014

I was gonna post two holiday songs today, to make up for missing yesterday.  And then I saw the news.

Maybe because it’s the holidays and I just don’t want anything sad or bad to happen, but the death of Joe Cocker is hitting me really hard.  I wasn’t the biggest fan, but he sure did have a magnificent voice.  And a unique stage presence and style.  Joe Cocker was definitely a horse of a different color.  That’s what made him so great.

As far as I know, there was no physical condition that caused him to thrash around the way he did on stage.  I like to think it was something akin to speaking in tongues in religion.  He was so into what he was doing, so much a part of the songs he was singing, that he couldn’t really control what his body did.  It also might’ve been that he couldn’t dance very well, and those spasmodic movements were all he could manage.  Either way, the thrashing made him a mesmerizing performer.  And his voice was pure grit and gravel, a Blues/Rock marvel that could turn any song into a masterpiece.

One of my fondest musical moments from Cocker was also one of his most recent.  A number of years ago, a local radio station had played the Beatles’ “Come Together” so often that I began to hate it.  Cocker’s version for the movie Across the Universe saved it for me.  I will always be grateful for that.

Cocker was from Sheffield: a working class, blue-collar dude.  So I think I’ll raise a pint for him tonight.  I’m so glad we got to hear him sing.


4 Responses to “Joe Cocker”

  1. barrbara57 said

    Yep I have to agree with you, when you saw him perform, he was just “in” the music. And during a tour here in Australia in 1972, he was famously deported for having an undesirable influence on youth, in the dying days of a very conservative period of government. Here’s to Joe Cocker!

  2. One of the greatest pop singers, and an excellent interpreter of others’ music. “Come Together,” “Cry Me a River,” “Bye-Bye, Blackbird.” So many more.

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