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Now That Christmas is Over. . .

Posted by purplemary54 on December 29, 2014

There.  That feels better.

I find something peaceful and healing in the sound of electric guitars, heavy bass, and whipcrack drums.  Rock & Roll settles my soul like almost nothing else.

All music fulfills some need inside me.  Jazz seems to fill in a hole inside me that I didn’t know was empty; it completes me somehow, although I can’t really explain it any more clearly.  Country and Blues are kind of like booze–comfort in a misery loves company kind of way.  Other kinds of music fill other emotional needs: laughter and rage, joy and contemplation.  But Rock & Roll, that’s like coming home.



2 Responses to “Now That Christmas is Over. . .”

  1. Sandee said

    Yes! Thanks for this Mary — it was what I needed too! I love love this video. Angus’ guitar playing — the way he moves! You probably know I’m basically a rock ‘n roller, though I identify myself as a death metal enthusiast. However, hard rock and heavy metal were the gateway for me. I was out running years ago and heard another runner behind me trying to pass, I thought of this song and kicked it up — leaving my ‘competitor’ in the dust! Hahahaha!

    • You definitely rock, Sandee! Death Metal is just a subdivision of the great and varied world of Rock & Roll. And this isn’t the end of the rocking this week. I’ve got a whole stack of Marshall Amps worth to get out of my system.

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