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“Misty Mountain Hop”

Posted by purplemary54 on December 30, 2014

Yeah.  I’m still in the mood to rock.  Buckle up kids.  This might go on for a while.

I may be relieving a little stress, too.  The holidays were busy and a little frantic, but that’s to be expected.  But what was unexpected was the car accident Mom and I got into on the 23rd.  We’re fine (she had a little stiff neck, and one of my ample bosoms got bruised by the seatbelt), but her car is a wreck.  The other guy–who just backed out into us, basically–was also fine.  It just added that extra little bit of stress to Christmas that, frankly, we really didn’t need.

Now as y’all might remember, I don’t drive.  But I do own a car.  I bought my dad’s 2012 Kia outright a while back, and a friend of mine was using it because he needed to save some money and wants to sell his gas guzzler.  Luckily, he lives just a few blocks away and was nearly home when the accident happened.  He picked us up and gave back the Kia, which Mom is now nervously driving.  It’s going to take a little while to re-establish equilibrium, but things could’ve been a lot worse.

Other than that, everything’s hunky dory out here.  How’s things for y’all?


4 Responses to ““Misty Mountain Hop””

  1. Sorry about your accident! Hope all works out in the new year. A little Zeppelin couldn’t hurt.

  2. Sandee said

    Uh boy! I’m glad you’re all okay! Whew! Here’s to another year. Yes! This is the jam, Mary! I’m going to click play — yay!

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