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Words. No Song

Posted by purplemary54 on January 7, 2015

Imagine if a fundamentalist group of one religion or another decided to storm the offices of Mad magazine and shoot staffers because they didn’t like one of the cartoons.  That’s kind of what happened in Paris this morning.  Twelve people are dead because some religious fanatics were offended.  So today, we are all Charlie Hebdo.


2 Responses to “Words. No Song”

  1. barrbara57 said

    Thanks Mary. I have to say i am disappointed in most of the worlds media outlets who, while showing support for Charlie Hebdo, declined to show CH cartoons in full (most of them hazed out etc), for fear of offence. They wimped out at a time when real solidarity for free speech was required.
    Je suis Charlie.

    • The so-called “liberal” media is only as liberal as its corporate masters allow it to be. Of course they didn’t want to offend anyone; it might get in the way of making money. Je suis Charlie.

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