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My Head Hurts

Posted by purplemary54 on February 10, 2015

Know what’s worse than a sinus headache?  Yeah, me neither.  While I don’t quite feel like I’m being stabbed in the eyes with icepicks while having my face pressed into a brick wall (trust me, I’ve been there), it still kind of sucks right now.  This probably borders on TMI, but using saline nasal spray generally keeps sinus headaches away.  I just haven’t been using it enough lately.  And when I have a sinus headache–or any kind of headache, really–I don’t like listening to music.  Or anything else.  So here’s some nice, soothing, quiet Brian Eno music; it’s about all I can handle right now.

Of course, it helps that Eno’s music is really awesome, too.


One Response to “My Head Hurts”

  1. I’m sure I’ve used Eno’s Music for Films to ease migraines.

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