“That Was Your Mother”


Yeah, I know Fat Tuesday is almost over here on the West Coast, and it’s long past in many, many other time zones.  I suppose it’s not really an issue for me.  I’m not Catholic and do not celebrate Ash Wednesday or Lent; I only celebrate Easter in the sense that I like hard-boiled eggs dyed pretty colors.  (I will also enjoy Filet-O-Fish sandwiches being on sale at McDonald’s every Friday for the next month or so.)  But here’s a little Zydeco stylings via the great Paul Simon for your musical enjoyment, anyway.

On a totally unrelated note, if you are in need of a giggle, please check out this tumblr blog.  It’s sick and dark and twisted, and I’ll bet it’s right up a lot of my readers’ alley.  You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on ““That Was Your Mother”

  1. My neighbor had told me that he liked zydeco — it was interesting that he liked this type of music because seemed not to have a musical bone in his body and this music is so upbeat and not really what people up here traditionally listen to.

    Thanks for reminding me about the Filet ‘o Fish — I saw the commercial here a few days ago and it dawned on me that I hadn’t eaten one of those in probably 15 years! I’m gonna get me one.

    The hotel graffiti I liked the best was the one where the man would say “That’s a wrap,” and then get fired and then say it one last time to his wife before taking his life — hahahahaha! — Yes, dark humor, I like — indeed!

    • I think I just noticed the Filet-o-Fish deal during lent a couple years ago, but I like to have them once in a while myself. (Sadly for both my wallet and waistline, it hasn’t been fifteen years since I’ve had one.)

      And I’m glad you liked the hotel graffiti. The one that made me laugh the hardest was the one instructing you to say “handyman” into the mirror three times for maintenance. Reminded me of playing “Bloody Mary” at slumber parties when I was a kid.

      Zydeco is such a fringe genre that I’m surprised anyone outside of New Orleans listens to it. It had a brief crossover period with more mainstream stuff, then disappeared again. It’s really fun stuff, though.

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