“Shadows of the Night”


My local morning news show used this song as a bumper leading into the commercials today.  It’s been stuck in my head since then.  But that’s okay, because I really like this song.

I was going to post the awesome original video, which features Pat and her band playing WWII soldiers on a secret mission to bring down a Nazi strategic post (Dirty Dozen, anyone?).  But the version available on YouTube had some dude singing over Pat Benatar’s soaring vocals (probably his way of avoiding copyright problems).  And the “best version” of a live clip had horrible sound.  So I went with the boring album cover clip, because that was the best version of the song.

It’s pretty standard Rock/Pop fare, but “Shadows of the Night” has always been one of my favorite Benatar songs.  She just belts it out for all she’s worth.  The early to mid 80s were her best period, creatively and commercially.  Nothing groundbreaking or avant-garde here, just good old-fashioned ear candy.  And sometimes, all you really want is something sweet.

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