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Cynthia Lennon

Posted by purplemary54 on April 1, 2015

Cynthia Lennon has died at 75 after a short battle with cancer.

I’m not sure if she still went by the name of her famous first husband.  She was born Cynthia Powell in 1939, and married John Lennon in 1962 when she became pregnant with their son, Julian.  The timing was not good, to say the least.  Brian Epstein (probably more than a little in love with John himself) insisted that the marriage be kept secret during the early days of the Beatles’ fame.  Obviously the secrecy didn’t last, but the match with John was never a good one.  He was never really present in his marriage, or as a father to Julian.  Cynthia and John divorced in 1968, and she raised Julian pretty much on her own.

She married three more times, and wrote two books about her relationship with John.  But it seemed like Cynthia stayed mostly out of the spotlight.  I know Beatles fanatics back in the 60s were kind of harsh to her, and I’m sure there are fans today who think she spent too much time profiting from her famous ex.  Me, I always kind of liked Cynthia.  She was tough, and she loved her son fiercely.  She wasn’t a perfect mother, but I know she tried her best during some trying circumstances.  Julian posted a lovely tribute to her that I think sums up both the kind of woman Cynthia was and his devotion to her.



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