B.B. King


Sorry I disappeared this week; I had a bunch of posts planned, but then I got lazy and distracted.  I just hate coming back with news like this.

I just heard on the radio that B.B. King has died, probably of complications related to his long-term struggles with diabetes.  I’d heard a couple of weeks ago that he was in hospice care, and my heart just sank.  When someone is in hospice, that’s pretty much it.  And while King lived and loved and made the world a little bit better for 89 years, it’s still pretty sad to lose his presence.

He was as big and outsized as his smile; you could see the power of his heart written on his face whenever that smile appeared.  He had so much talent and personality that it seemed impossible for anything to stop him.  I’m sure there will be much more eloquent accolades from better writers and critics than me.  I’m just a music fan, and I’m so grateful that B.B. King shared his music with us.

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