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Posted by purplemary54 on June 8, 2015

When I was writing my earlier post, I forgot the fact that I actually have some exciting news.  I take the online Jeopardy! test every time they give it, mostly because it’s a ridiculously easy thing to do.  (The action of taking the test, not the questions; those can be kind of tough sometimes.)  Ten minutes, and then I move on with my life.  They never contact me, I never worry about it.

Well it’s time to start worrying, because I got an email earlier this month saying I had been selected to audition for the show.  There’s going to be another 50 question test and a mock game and who knows what all, but if I get through all that, then I’ll be in the contestant pool for something like eighteen months.  I’m kind of stoked.  I’ve never gotten this far before, not even the one time I actually went to the studio for the test (and saw Harrison Ford on the lot).  I don’t know what’ll happen in about a month when I go in, but I’m officially in training.  I’ll be playing along when I watch the show with a click pen to use as a buzzer, and I’ll be phrasing all my answers in the form of a question from now on.  I figure I can bone up on trivia by rereading all my back issues of Mental Floss (I knew saving them would be a good idea).  Who knows, maybe sometime in the next year, I’ll be just like Weird Al in this video.

Yes, I know I used this song the last time I posted about the Jeopardy! test, but hey, just how many songs about Jeopardy! are there, anyway?  (No, really.  If there are any more, I’d like to know.  You never know what might come up during the audition.)


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